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New Edition

Being Shot

Being Shot: A Place Between Worlds

Gail’s 2003 book, SHOT, was released in a new edition in August 2018.

Everything is new except the text itself: new cover, new title Being Shot, new publisher Brio Books, plus an Author’s Note from Gail:

For a few months in 1968 I was that girl in the newspapers who was ‘scared to walk the streets alone’.

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Latest Non-Fiction Work

Any Ordinary Day

Any Ordinary Day

In the October 2018 edition of Australian Book Review (ABR), Gail Bell reviews a new book by TV personality Leigh Sales, “Any Ordinary Day”.

For a book that wears its heart on its sleeve, there is plenty to admire. The main questions are answered. 

Sales, known for her trademark verve, disarms her audience with glimpses of her off-screen nerves behind the studio curtain, and delivers, surprisingly, a happy ending.

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