The Poison Principle

The Poison Principle
Edition: Australian Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-925143-37-9
Publisher: Xoum, Brio Imprint

When Dr William Macbeth poisoned two of his sons in 1927, his wife and sister hid the murders in the intensely private realm of family secrets. Like the famous British poisoner Dr Crippen, Macbeth behaved as if he were immune to consequences; unlike Crippen, however, he avoided detection and punishment. Or did he? Secrets can […]

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Being Shot: A Place Between Worlds

Being Shot
Edition: Paperback
ISBN: 9781925589160
Publisher: Brio Books

My ear tracked the sound…the slow roll of rubber on blue metal, the stealthy crunching undergrowth sound of something prowling. When Gail Bell was seventeen, she was shot in the back. Coming home from evening class later than usual one night, she took a short cut through the dark streets of new estate, unaware she […]

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The Worried Well: The depression epidemic and the medicalisation of our sorrows

Quarterly Essay - The Worried Well
Publisher: Black Inc., an imprint of Schwartz Publishing Pty Ltd

In the second Quarterly Essay of 2005, Gail Bell investigates Australia‚Äôs depression epidemic. Why, she wonders, do well over a million Australians now take antidepressant drugs? This is a fresh, frank and independent look at the depression culture and the move to medicalise sadness. Bell examines how the prescription culture operates, scrutinising the role of […]

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